BP Oil Spill Claims

Farrell & Patel currently represent over 2,700 clients whose businesses have been adversely affected by the Deepwater Horizon explosion of April 2010. These clients come from a range of industries — including, but not limited to:

Since the BP oil spill several hotels have experienced a high volume of cancellations. Due to the extreme loss in tourism, several spas, country clubs and catering companies have lost a reliable source of business. In an attempt to remain competitive, many hotels have been forced to reduce their daily rates to maintain a steady clientele base.

With lowered revenue resulting from the BP oil spill, many business owners have struggled with maintaining a thriving business. In an attempt to remain afloat many businesses have resorted to restructuring their staff and budgeting their expenses.

The catastrophic oil spill has left many tourist extremely concerned about visiting the tar filled beaches and eating contaminated food. This has since resulted in many bars and nightclubs being foreclosed and travel agencies with a heavy loss in revenue. Many charter boats and marinas are left with vacant slips and no visitors.

Food Service
The food industry has felt an extreme loss in revenue and productivity. Many fisheries have lost their main source of income or their entire company due the massive BP oil spill. Local restaurants have since resorted to purchasing their seafood from fisherman across the country, which have since increased their prices by up to 12% due to the high demand.

As a direct result of the BP oil spill several land owners and project managers have ceased many developmental projects, as the income does not support the financial requirement.

Business Services
Many businesses have since come to an abrupt halt as a direct result of the horrendous oil spill. Local enterprises continue to battle the negative financial effects that have since diminished their clientele base and daily operations.

Governmental Entities
Reliant on the income from tourism, local governmental entities have experienced a significant drop in county city and state taxes. In an attempt to reconcile their losses, these entities have attempted to entice travelers with lowered rates. In addition, due to many employment terminations, parents have resorted to utilizing public education.

Other Businesses
Churches and Temples have since loss in their donations from loyal supporters, resulting in an immediate reduction in philanthropies and structural improvements.